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Gloria – dominant brunette with sexy big soles and red toenails

Gloria dangled her moccasin sandals before my eyes and said, â??Would you like to sniff my feet?â? and laughed as I quickly nodded my head. Soon afterwards I was sucking her big succulent toe and washing her feet with my tongue.

Gloria uttered a one word command, â??In-between.â? I obediently complied, slowly grazing my tongue sensually between each of her toes. I gazed obediently into her dominant eyes, knowing full well who was in charge.

She leaned back, withdrawing her one foot, crossed her legs the other way and extended her left foot to my face and said, â??Next.â? I was able to suck all five of her toes into my mouth, as she relaxed and looked satisfied with my compliance.

sexy big soles  and red toenails