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Cynthia’s first barefoot show

This was the first time we had the pleasure to shoot Cynthia and we fall in love in an instant. She’s a hottie from head to toe and she will show you how she knows to tease with her bare feet. She enters the door after a long walk and kicks off her shoes, then gently starts to tub her soles and you’ll almost feel the scent of her cute feet. She stands up and you’ll get to see some nice POV shots while Cynthia wiggles her toes and arches her foot.


Noemi – white socks

Watch me in this video clip dressed in white. My socks are white also, but slightly dirty as I was wearing them all day long. I lay down on my stomach and the camera is watching me from behind as I rub my feet. You’ll see my skills at taking off my socks with no hands, only using my feet. I’m sure the perspective from which this clip is filmed will make you feel great!:)

Watch the entire clip here!

Veronika – meaty soles in coloured socks

Veronika came at the shooting with this funny colored socks. In the beggining of the video she’s sitting on an armchair and start to rub her feet. Of course, barefoot lovers are not forgot, and Veronika will take off her socks and show you her big meaty soles. She just got a french pedicure before which look great on her toenails. She will rub her feet and massage them slowly and you’ll enjoy each of her moves. Also she’ll flex and arch her soles for your viewing pleasure!

Watch the entire clip here!

Hana – fishnet stockings and bare soles

Hana is sitting on the coach, wearing a shirt and a pair of fishnets stockings. She will take off her nylons to let you watch her big nice soles and nice pedicured toes, with her toenails painted in a bright red. Then she will put her feet on the coffee table and start to rub them, but you’ll always have in your view her bare soles and her very cute face watching you how you enjoy the show. She has very nice feet from every point of view and you’ll notice this in a moment!

Watch the entire clip here!

Stockings and barefeet

This was one of the first clips we shoot with Alessandra. She was quite shy in front of the camera. We didn’t give her too many explanations about what she has to do, but she proved to be a natural teaser. It seems she already knew how she can undress her white stockings to drive a guy crazy, and also how to rub her feet and flex her wonderful arches to get the same effect. You don’t want to miss this clip!

Watch the entire clip here!

Karina – white socks

Karina is on the armchair with her legs crossed, the right leg over the left one. She’s wearing a pair of white socks, and she arching and flexing her right sole. Then she takes off the socks and continues to wiggle her toes and arch her soles for each foot. Then she rubs both her feet, and you’l get many close-ups of her wiggling toes and nice smooth soles.

Watch the entire clip here!