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Mika – dirty white socks

Cute Mika came in her sport shoes and her really well worn socks, so it was perfect to take this clip for dirty socks fans. Mika will give you a very nice show of her feet in dirty socks, than she will slowly remove them using her feet only. She will sit on the floor after and just let you enjoy her nice shaped bare soles and her white painted toenails. Enjoy this one!

Watch the entire clip here!

Noemi in boots

Gorgeous Noemi is sitting in the armchair, and starts by taking off her silver boots. You’ll get to see her silver painted toenails and her great feet. No more other words, you know how Noemi knows to do a show like this:)

Watch the entire clip here!

Clarice – barefeet and socks

Everybody loves Clarice right? So she’s here again, showing her perfect feet just for you. She will start her foot teasin show by showin you her white socked feet but fortunately she knows it’s her soles you want! So she will slowly take off her white worn socks and show you her high arched soles and perfect pedicured toes painted in dark red. You will enjoy every second of this video watching Clarice rubbing and arching her soles slowly so the camera can capture each of her fantastic foot moves.

Watch the entire clip here!

Adela – socks and wrinkled soles

Adela is definetely a cutie that you’ll just love. She came for the shooting with some white socks that she has been wearing all day long before and we decided to let you see them too. She’s taking them off at a moment and shows you her wonderful wrinkled soles in different positions. Camera is going close to her feet just to make you feel you’re at Adela’s feet. Enjoy!