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Sisters playing footsie

Our cute sisters, Consuelo and Emma had a short break during one shooting and we thought it’s a good moment to have them on film. Consuelo is barefoot, showing her big arched soles, and Emma has a pair of grey pantyhose. So if you love bare feet or nylon feet, this clip has something for every taste. They talk and the camera watches them rubbing their feet from behind. You’ll get some nice angles of Consuelo’s perfect arched soles and also Emma’s nyloned soles. Wanna get 4 feet like these?



Barefoot secretary at the desk

Consuelo is one of the pretiest models at Noemi’s World. Watch her taking off her shoes and you’ll crave for her sweaty soles, and yes her soles are sweaty! She will take off her shoes and sit more confortably with her feet on the desk and you’ll enjoy how she rubs her perfect feet in front of your eyes. Camera goes close so you can enjoy every wrinkle on her soles. She almost says “Suck my toes!”.