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Miriam – sandals dangling

Miriam will show her feet in sandals very close. She dangles her sandals and wiggles her toes, so you can see very well her white painted toenails and big toes. She removes the sandals and puts her feet up on the table. Her meaty soles will drive you crazy and you’ll need to offer her a massage, but in unfortunately in the end she has to massage her tired feet alone.

Watch the entire clip here!

Veronika – meaty soles

Veronika came very relaxed for this shooting and told us her feet are in a great shape. We started the camera and filmed her while she was dangling her sandals on the tip of her toes till she droped them. She put her feet on the coffe table and started to rub them gently so you can watch every move of her soles. You’ll love for sure this clip and Veronika’s big meaty soles…and smelly you bet!