Luce and Victoria sweet licking pantyhosed feet

Hot Luce and Victoria licking each others pantyhosed feet in this gorgeous clip.

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Gloria – dominant brunette with sexy big soles and red toenails

Gloria dangled her moccasin sandals before my eyes and said, “Would you like to sniff my feet?” and laughed as I quickly nodded my head. Soon afterwards I was sucking her big succulent toe and washing her feet with my tongue.

Gloria uttered a one word command, “In-between.” I obediently complied, slowly grazing my tongue sensually between each of her toes. I gazed obediently into her dominant eyes, knowing full well who was in charge.

She leaned back, withdrawing her one foot, crossed her legs the other way and extended her left foot to my face and said, “Next.” I was able to suck all five of her toes into my mouth, as she relaxed and looked satisfied with my compliance.

sexy big soles  and red toenails

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Curly blonde showing her bare soles

Watch this hot curly blonde having fun while teasing you with her bare smooth soles!

Curly Blonde Barefoot

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Sophie rubbing her gorgeous soles

Watch one gorgeous girl resting on the sofa and rubbing her nice small feet wearing grey pantyhose



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Tina with nylons socks and bare soles

You know Tina for quite a long time now, but every clip with her will be special. In this one she’s wearing some short pants so you can see her nice long legs, and a pair of black nylon socks. After some teasing with the socks on, she takes them off and shows you her pretty peds and soft shaped soles.  Enjoy a true foot fetish clip!


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Emma’s first barefoot show

Emma sits on the chair at the table and puts her feet up on another chair. This girl arches and flexes her feet like no other. Next she will put her feet crossed on the table and rub her soles easily. Many close-ups in this clip, and of course, hot action as always!


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Clarice – black pantyhose and bare soles

Clarice is for sure a very pretty girl and her feet are some of the best. In this clip she will take off her black pantyhose shw was wearing, and will offer you a high quality foot show. You can’t miss to have this clip!


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Sisters playing footsie

Our cute sisters, Consuelo and Emma had a short break during one shooting and we thought it’s a good moment to have them on film. Consuelo is barefoot, showing her big arched soles, and Emma has a pair of grey pantyhose. So if you love bare feet or nylon feet, this clip has something for every taste. They talk and the camera watches them rubbing their feet from behind. You’ll get some nice angles of Consuelo’s perfect arched soles and also Emma’s nyloned soles. Wanna get 4 feet like these?



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Miriam’s meaty bare soles

Enjoy a nice clip of hot Miriam showing her meaty soles and special painted toes! She easily rubs her soles in front of your eyes and lets you enjoy every wrinkle on her soles closely!


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Candy – mules and bare feet

Candy is a girl with some of the prettiest feet we’ve ever seen. She has smooth nice arched soles and she sits on the armchair, takes off her mules after a long dangling and then puts her feet up on the table and starts to rub them and arch her soles. Enjoy the shoe and Candy’s perfect french pedicured toes!


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